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About Andrew

Andrew Gordon

With over a decade as a real estate broker, Andrew Gordon has helped his loyal following of customers from Coney Island to Inwood, and everything in between. Specializing in all of Brownstone Brooklyn, and much of Manhattan there are few stones that have been left unturned in his extensive career.

Many ask him, "How did you get into real estate?"

"When I graduated college, like many young people, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do. Throughout college, I worked at Nordstrom in the women's shoe department selling my fair share of Manolo Blahniks and Stewart Weitzmans. When I outsold some of the top salespeople, that were twice my age, I knew I had the 'selling thing' down. As a 4th generation New Yorker, I simply put together my talent for selling and my love of New York together. It was clear that not only could this industry allow me to earn a living but allow me to love what I do!"

Andrew particularly enjoys working with sellers and first time home buyers. The art of curating a lifestyle and pinpointing correct pricing is one of the most exciting aspects of being on the seller's side. What he loves about first time home buyers is that for many, this is indeed the first and most expensive purchase they will have made in their lives. Sitting down with buyers, crafting a game plan and really going through the motions from A to Z is still the most rewarding part of his job to this day. In addition, he has extensive experience helping clients pass some of the toughest co-ops boards in New York City.

Currently, Andrew resides in Carroll Gardens with his wife, who is also a native New Yorker. When Andrew is not working, he can be found at one of the many wonderful restaurants on Smith and Court Street, hearing live music or traveling to new cities around the world. He's also an avid cook, and photographer -- ask him to see some of his shots from all over the world!