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About The Architect

Alfonso López Baz and Javier Calleja, founders of Grupo LBC, have collaborated for more than 35 years, creating some of Mexico’s most celebrated, forward-thinking architectural works and winning three Design Icon Awards from Architectural Digest magazine. Their vision for Rancho R + R was to capture the uniqueness of its oceanfront location by maximizing views, privacy and the indoor-outdoor connection.

To do so, they employed an iconic X-shaped design, arranging living spaces on two axes. Among the benefits of this approach are dynamic view lines from each living space and the preservation of privacy from the outside world, for the feeling of living on one’s own private island. The X-shape also allows for a rare duality of experiences, separating expansive gathering and entertaining areas from private spaces for quiet reprieve. Anchoring both axes are double-height stone structures, which reveal Rancho R + R’s unrivaled level of craftsmanship. It took 30 artisans two-and-a-half years to hand place each stone. Blending this meticulous attention to detail with remarkable foresight and vision, Rancho R + R stands as an homage to Mexico’s vibrant culture and modern architectural movement.